The best recipe for a blueberry pie alcoholic mixed drink, containing bailey's, licor 43 (cuarenta y tres), blueberry vodka and cream. includes mixing instructions.
How To Make Blueberry Pie Drink With Everclear  

april 6

A delicious recipe for cherry pie, with cherry rum, everclear® alcohol, apple cider, cherry juice, sugar and cinnamon. also lists similar drink recipes.  

Blueberry liqueur has a pungent aroma and is loaded with a flavor similar to blueberry jam. it's a simple matter to make your own blueberry liqueur, but it requires a solemnity clue.


 I have made plenty of batches of apple pie moonshine using everclear and its quite tasty, new years eve at a party we had, a guy had blueberry pie moonshine and it.

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