That german chocolate cake looke really good yesterday and now i'm craving it. we also have vanilla raspberry and chocolate cake bites, a toffee crunch .. vicki howard usher, raven peralta, leslie mcpheeters and 3 others like this tiffany johnson, sawyer tabatha, peggy mitchell-howell and 32 others like this.
Howard Johnson Chocolate Cake

Copycat recipes, celebrity foods, top secret restaurant recipes.

april 7

i don't know if it was ever a howard johnson's, but your mentioning of a free chocolate cake seems to indicate that it was a knapp's (i enjoyed.


Jul 6, 2009 amazingly, from our 21st century perspective, only five of those original 28 howard johnson flavors involved chocolate. frozen pudding, fruit.

This time capsule, otherwise known as the times square howard johnson's restaurant, . i enjoyed a chocolate chip sundae, while my friends enjoyed a banana spilt and strawberry sundae. . same goes for the ice cream cake roll).

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