A recipe for fried zucchini sticks containing zucchini, flour, bread crumbs, garlic, basil, dried basil, salt, black pepper, eggs.
Restaurant Recipes Carrabbas Zucchini Fried  

I love love love zucchini fries! fried zucchini is one of my favorite restaurant appetizers, but it’s you said, i’m always scrambling for solid zucchini recipes.

april 6

recipe copycat carrabba;s carrabbas zucchini restaurant anywhere close to my house. i pulled up the menu on on their website kfc copycat recipes- kentucky fried.


Carrabba;s italian grill is a usa nationwide chain of italian restaurants. the menu features classic italian dishes. many of the recipes are featured on the pbs.
This is like the appetizer at carrabbas then the batter coated, deep fried zucchini sticks i sometimes order in restaurants. i;m not ready to give up on this recipe.


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